Our Process

Once retained, Gala’s client-focused design process starts with a field measurement and is typically completed in 8 phases. Depending on the complexity and number of rooms to be renovated, client meetings are scheduled as needed.

Initial Design/Client Meeting
  • View areas to be renovated 

  • Discuss ideas, photos and preferences 

  • Review Gala Renovation's portfolio of completed projects 

  • Generate ideas 

  • Discuss options for cabinetry, finishes and materials 

  • Discuss initial budget, scope of work, timing and client goals 

  • Prepare detailed estimate  

  • Create preliminary layout concepts  

  • Sketch preliminary cabinetry design 

  • Discuss layout options 

  • Discuss finishes and materials 

  • Respond to client questions and concerns 

  • Discuss different options and related costs 

  • Create new estimates 

Confirm Details
  • Agree on final layout  

  • Confirm cabinetry, finishes and material choices 

Finalize the Agreement
  • Draft renovation contract  

  • Review renovation contract 

  • Respond to and negotiate contract details 

  • Confirm final agreement and initial deposit 

  • Re-measure cabinetry areas for shop drawings 

  • Discuss and approve shop drawings  

  • Production of cabinetry begins 

  • Prepare construction schedule  

  • Commence work 

  • Refinement of work (on-going) 

Final Completion
  • Final Walk through

  • Deficiency list created

  • Finish to your satisfaction